Main dishes
’Sztrapacska’ /noodles/ with curded ewe-cheese 2.950,-
’Sztrapacska’ /noodles/ with cabbage 3.550,-
Deep fried cheese with tartare sauce and fried potatoes 3.950,-
’Nógrád’ pork chop (pork in a sauce of garlic and mustard) with fried potatoes 3.950.-
Deep fried pork chop with fried potatoes 4.050,-
Deep fried chicken breast with fried potatoes 4.150,-
Deep fried pork chop filled with ham and cheese, with fried potatoes 4.350,-
Deep fried pork chop filled with curded ewe-cheese and dill, with rice 4.450,-
’Nógrád’ pork chop with ’Sztrapacska’ (noodles with curded ewe-cheese) 4.550,-
Beef stew in red wine with ’Sztrapacska’ (noodles with curded ewe-cheese) 4.950,-
Rich mixed dish for 2
(’Nógrád’ pork chop, Cordon bleu, deep fried cheese, grilled chicken breast, fries and rice)
Pickled vegetables
Pickled cucumber 750,-
Homemade cabbage salad 850,-
Cucumber salad 850,-
Mixed salad (cucumber, tomato, cabbage) 850,-
Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Tartare sauce, Sour cream 400,-