Kozárd is a small village hiding in a nice valley of the East-Cserhát, to the east bordering with the ridge of the Pogányvár (320 m), which closes down the higher ranges of the Cserhát, to the north with the cultivated table-land of the Nagymező. The village lies on the territory of the East-Cserhát Nature Reserve.

A number of programs wait for the dear guests who come to see this beautiful village. One of the most famous program is the Apple Festival in every May. This small village in its revival gives home to many spectacles, special local Palóc foods, artisans, traditionalist bands and local product exhibitions.

A continuous element of the Mátra Art Days Program series is The Forest playing music, with many performances, local product exhibitions and sales. The highlight of the performances is the forest concert to the great amusement to its visitors.
Another popular program is the Kozárd Vintage and the Hungarian tastes and Hungarian colours Gastronomic and Fruit Festival. Both events are held every year in September. The Kozárd Vintage is a typical village holiday. Children and adults always put on funny clothes and sing and dance during the parade on main street.
The Festival is an excellent opportunity for everyone visiting Kozárd to take a part in a gastronomic journey where they can taste and purchase the food products of the local and other farmers coming from the villages of the subregion. This popular event can also serve surprises for the real gourmets who can experience culinary delights by tasting such special products made indigenous species like mangalica or special cheese made from the milk of racka sheep. Guests walking among the stalls and tents can also meet skilful craftsmen who exhibit their products representing the traditional handicraft. The compilers of the programs have paid enough attention to such guests who are interested in the art especially the folklore so as usual the folk music and the show of folk dancer groups will provide an enjoyable and unforgettable atmosphere of the festival.